Graduation Film – 2022

Festival Selections:
Nederlands Film Festival 2022 – Utrecht
, The Netherlands
Stop Trik 2022 – Maribor, Slovenia
Festival of Slovenian Film 2023 – 
Portorož, Slovenia

Fentener van Vlissingen Award – Eva Schets (Animation)
KNF Award, Kring van Nederlandse Filmjournalisten 

60-year-old Harold still lives with his elderly mother. She has been an authoritarian mother who has always put her passion for vases above her son. As a result, Harold still believes he depends on her and cannot make autonomous decisions. The figure of a revolting and disrespectful teenage neighbour awakens Harold’s desire to emancipate right before his mother passes away. Now, abruptly liberated Harold, steps upon a path of coming to terms with his independence, leaving behind his mother’s rules and money.



Writer, director and set designer: Anej Golčar
Producer and art director: Tatevik Martirosyan 
Lead animator and puppet designer/fabricator: Eva Schets

Composer: Anja Lobnik
Sound designer: Annie White
Screenplay Consultant: Marieke Swinkels
Costume designer: Simone Kraaijeveld
Graphic designer: Nina Hauser
Props: Luna Schreuder, Magdalena Souyris, Andzhela Kantardzhieva and Maria Dubec